About us

What is UNITEMP?

The Unitemp project is an excellent example of integration of EU standards within the local market; the planning and realization alone have been performed with the cooperation of Bulgarian, Danish, German and other leading firms. As a result Unitemp positioned itself on the Bulgarian market during 2007 as the largest production facility with an industrial capacity and modern equipment that are in line with standards of the European Union for production of FRESH CHILLED AND FROZEN MEAT with the ambition to please the Bulgarian meat manufacturing industry, retail market and export.

Unitemp- Best Project Idea of 2012

Unitemp won this award earned through a contest conducted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, in which 32 factories and farmers participated. At the reward ceremony, the deputy minster Svetlana Boyanova, stated that it was difficult to choose a winner, because all of the projects in the program for Agriculture Development were excellent, however, Unitemp set itself apart from the rest of the competition as a leader in the “Production” criteria in the project “Construction of a Slaughterhourse Facility and Cutting Plant” The criteria under which the participants competed include project design, influence on the environment, way of life and economy in the region, application of innovative solutions, quality of life improvements, overall changes and influences on the local region.

Logistics and Trade

Unitemp’s headquarter is equiped with a parking lot adapted to using specialized vehicles for transporation of live animals, vehicles with cooling compartments for both frozen and chilled meats. The company also has smaller vehicles used for local commerce.

Our experience and constant goal of integrating the best production practices used on a global scale are a solid foundation and reason for why we are a reliant partner of the larger retail chains in Bulgaria, in the dynamic sector of hotel, restaurant and catering, as well as, in being a supplier of raw materials for meat production companies in Bulgaria.

A large segment of our production is intended for export in foreign countries. Beginning from 2007, Unitemp is approved for operation in the territory of the EU market, and beginning from 2009, Unitemp is certified for operation with the Russian Federation. Unitemp’s produce is regularly  sold in countries within the EU and a variety of other countries within Middle and East Asia.