The UNITEMP company stores offer a wide range of the company’s products with guaranteed quality at reasonable prices.

  • Different types of chilled and frozen cuts
  • Pork and Beef meat
  • A rich assortment of minced meats
  • Fresh offals/byproducts
  • Special orders – we fulfill them within 24 hours in quantities and conditions agreed upon with the client (examples: lambs, small pigs and other products, which are not regularly available)
  • Seasonal products (examples: turkeys, lambs)
  • Delicacy products – made using traditional old recipies using horse meat.

The UNITEMP store (butcher shop) UNITEMP – Voyvodinovo, is located right infront of the fabric in the village of Voyvodinovo.


Address: 25, Zapad Str., 4135 Voivodinovo, Plovdiv District /check map/.

Tel.: +359885838773

The supply of the produce in the butcher shop occurs several times a day directly from the factory!



The UNITEMP store (butcher shop) – Stara Zagora, is located at the entrance of Zhilenik Dist. in town.
Address: 126, Bulgaria Blvd., Stara Zagora / check map /.
Tel .: +359897053690


UNITEMP stores have their own parking area for the convenience of their customers.

For discounts, sales, profitable shopping periods, how to choose the meat you need, recipes – go through our facebook page: