We at Unitemp guarantee the high quality of our products. We are motivated to answer and fulfill the requests and criteria of even more demanding clients.

We work with the most modern equipment in the industry, and our staff is among the most qualified within the meat branch, competeing even with the best facilities in Europe.

We believe that the quality of our end products is highly determined by the quality of the materials and resources entering production. This is why we work without compromise, and only with approved suppliers with traditions in the raising of animals of prime breeds. Our motto „From the farm to the client“ may seem like a simple modern cliche, but it is an everyday focus and the dedicated duty of our QS department. The integrated system of quality control, called HACCP is our guarantee for achieving the desired high standards that we would like to deliver to our customers. We offer a variety of packaging options which allow us to be more flexible with our clients. Our team of trained specialists are responsible for the study and incorporation of the latest tendencies in the fresh meat market.

Our privileges

  • Full integration of production starting from the slaughter house to the cutting plant, to packaging and dispatch for customers is performed from the factory in Voyvodinovo, which makes the delivery of FRESH chilled and frozen meat possible for our clients on the second day after completed production
  • Quality Guarantee from the farm to the customer.
  • Direct communication with farms that guarantee competitive prices.
  • Large production capacity
  • The combined knowledge and connections with international markets and European qualitfications and standards that Unitemp posses allow for export to third countries
  • Renown and reputation throughout the globe for over 2 decades.